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Destinations ahead are as infinite as the universe. Some reach into the past, others stretch into the future, and many manifest the present. They are composed of the written word, crafted on an artist's canvas, tethered by sound and vision, and invoked in a distinctively original science fiction/fantasy voice.

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Imagine This

imaginedworlds celebrates storytelling that embraces the fantastic and creative expression with a distinctive personal science fiction/fantasy voice. The universe of genre news, films & TV, comics, art, happenings and web-scapes are destinations. This personal journey takes us to the people, images, stories, technologies and ideas shaping our imagination.
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Original Fiction

Introducing Faithful by richardson
A fearsome alien in angelic form, exiled to the distant troubled moon-planet Aideena, and the two conflicted soldier-priests sent to guard the mysterious visitor are unwittingly forced into the ominous intrigues of a sinister Church-state and an oppressive world-matriarchy, unaware that a far more vicious threat is weaving an apocalyptic web.
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