Celestial Collective

December 12, 2006

The term refers to entities originating from a continuum outside of space and time, or the continuum itself (sometimes called The Second Heaven).

While in the continuum of humans, these entities are perceived as angels. In their natural state they are non-corporeal beings of pure thought and essence capable of traveling between spatial and temporal dimensions. A collective society, each individual is analogous to being a cell in the brain of a single Supreme Intelligence.

Ancestors, The

December 12, 2006

The Aideenan believe the dead have influence over the living and take an active interest in the conduct of their descendants. Lineage plays a significant role in society. Short of worship, generational relationships are revered and ritual appeasement performed. Each person is believed to have a Guardian ancestor, a spirit which mentors them and which can be a force for either good or evil.


December 12, 2006

The fruit of the Ambrosia Vine is the only other known natural source of an enzyme produced by an Aideenan woman’s body chemistry. The enzyme permits heightened psycho-sensory abilities in the gender. Distilled Ambrosiadyne, when injested, can increase the brain’s psycho-sensory capabilities and is used in ritual to evoke visions and other paranormal effects. The drug is addictive. Production is strictly controlled by Faith and illegal except for use by the Order of the Oracle. It has no effect on the male of the species.


December 12, 2006

The cradle of Humanity according to its inhabitants, the moon-world orbits the gaseous giant Gaia in a binary system of seven planets.

Though, it is a post-information age highly technological society, the Aideenan retain many of their ancestral-based traditions and customs from a long rich mystical past. The dense region of space where Aideena is located is known for unusual warped field activity and multi-dimensional spatial shifts.


December 12, 2006

A district of Court-at-Columbia and system of palatial buildings, the Acropolis is the seat of local and world government.

The Parliamentary and central offices of its members are located here. Faith maintains the Temple-at-Court-at-Columbia, its central presence, which includes the city’s Templar garrison headquarters and Aideena’s grandest public prayer facility and one of its holiest sites, Mosque Magna. The Acropolitan Thermae, which is part of Mosque Magna, is a vast public bath, centuries old and remains a focal point of the religious and social life of Court-at-Columbia.

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