iwNEWS: MGM Greenlights New Stargate Movies

January 21, 2007

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) announced the extension of the hit “Stargate SG-1″ franchise with two movies based on the popular series. Titled “Stargate: The Ark of Truth” and “Stargate: Continuum”, the movies will both be made available to the television universe and home entertainment marketplace by MGM. The announcement was made by Charles Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President, MGM.

Stargate SG-1 is to MGM Television what the James Bond, Pink Panther and the Rocky franchises are to our feature film unit,” said Cohen. “We are committed to continuing to release new SG-1 content and its Stargate Atlantis spin-off, and we’re also steadfast in our dedication to extending the franchise. Stargate is an indelible brand for MGM and we will support it well into the future.”

With its high quality production values, long-term stability in the show’s leadership and strong chemistry between the lead actors in the series, all of whom have big audience appeal, Stargate SG-1 is the longest-running science-fiction series in U.S. TV history. The series has a strong worldwide fan base and can be seen in over 120 countries. Stargate SG-1 cast members Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black and Michael Shanks are confirmed to star in both movies. Written and produced by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper, the new movies will feature the latest visual and sound effects, providing viewers with a theatrical movie-going experience.

In the first movie, Stargate: The Ark of Truth will bring a conclusion to the primary storyline of the past two seasons of the SG-1 television series. More thrills and action-packed scenes are planned for this special event movie, which will be directed by Cooper. The suspense will end as fans will see the conclusion of the epic Ori saga.

In the second movie, Stargate: Continuum the SG-1 team is now free to embark on new and exciting adventures throughout the endless Stargate universe.

Below are the synopses for the new “Stargate” movies:

“Stargate: The Ark of Truth”

As SG-1 searches for an Ancient artifact which they hope can defeat the armies of the Ori, they learn more Ori ships are about to be sent through the supergate to launch a final assault on Earth. Daniel discovers that the artifact, the Ark of Truth, may be in the Ori home galaxy, and SG-1 embarks aboard the Odyssey to find it, and pre-empt the attack. The IOA has a plan of their own and SG-1 ends up in a distant galaxy fighting two powerful enemies.

“Stargate: Continuum”

While SG-1 attends the execution of Ba’al, the last of the goa’uld system lords, Teal’c and Vala inexplicably disappear into thin air. Carter, Daniel and Mitchell race back to a world where history has been changed: the Stargate program has been erased from the timeline. As they try to convince the authorities what’s happened, a fleet of goa’uld motherships arrives in orbit, led by Ba’al, his queen, Katesh, (Vala) and his first prime, Teal’c. SG-1 must find the Stargate and set things right before the world is enslaved by the goa’uld.

4. Horus

January 19, 2007

Horus spotted the Enforcers. Two women and a male adjuvant in traditional face-masks and kurta-churidar circled to entrap the eta youth Nadsar.

Horus del-omegaGaul watched the ballet pensively, sinking back into the darker recesses just inside the entrance to the Acropolian Thermae. His hand reached for the taeson derringer hidden in his jacket.

Seeing the assassins also, Nadsar froze. For a breathless moment, it looked as if the boy might let himself be taken. Then, perhaps by instinct, the etayouth backed into the stream of people diverting into the baths. Horus watched as the boy surrounded himself amongst a group of happily oblivious schoolchildren. He spied the surprise and frustration in the Enforcers’ bearing.

Nadsar casually slipped into the Thermae. The Enforcers pursued. Horus followed, unnoticed.

The Morning Constitutional busied the Acropolian Thermae. Practitioners offered prayer, cleansed the body and then ate a small meal before continuing their day. Rather than brave the mob massing outside, many visitors taking the Constitutional gathered to watch coverage on enormous imagers of the Parliamentary in special session. A major political drama was being staged and the capitol — not to mention all of Aideena — was consumed with it.

The traffic swept Nadsar through the dining hall, pass the dressing cubicles and down into the cavernous gymnasiums with their ancient mineral pools. Horus discretely tracked the eta boy and his pursuers.

Sorted circumstance had brought Horus to this present crossroads. Horus’ thoughts raced the details.

He was bonded to a woman whose devious nature had discovered a discrepancy in seemingly unrelated facts. Horus’ special services demanded he travel to Playa Hinom, enclave of the House of eta and one particular former Guild-boss, Consul Edmund etaSade. A trail of deception and bribery led him back to Court-at-Columbia, landing in a part of the mega-metropolis he never knew — never imagined — existed.

Horus’ heart went out to the eta youth he trailed. He had seen firsthand what the boy was fighting to escape and it’s chilled even Horus’ jaded sensibilities.

He could be Nadsar. Worst, Nadsar could all too easily become Horus. Horus could easily see Nadsar’s brave reckless qualities transformed, given to the most demeaning and dishonorable of crimes and pressed into service for the vilest purposes.

Horus knew within himself was the capacity to be a good person. He knew he could do justice to the House of omega and the del clans. He knew he could win the love of family and a just woman — or man. But no, not this day, and not with the duty he had been commanded to perform.

Two of the Enforcers fell behind, losing their way in the schools of bathers and confusing maze of gymnasiums.

Horus spied that Nadsar was searching for an exit while keeping himself around as many people as possible. Horus kept him well in sight. He knew these baths. He had eaten and relaxed in sauna on several occasions at Thermae. Many unsavory plans had been devised in its eternal pools.

Then, Horus anticipated a careless maneuver. Within a few series of turns Nadsar unwittingly sped toward centuries-old catacombs and corridors that dead-ended into chambers flooded now by the Bay.

Horus slipped through a barricade, passed a service tunnel and emerged in a narrow dark passageway on the other side. A heartbeat later, around the corner bolted a slender figure. Horus drew the taeson from its holster and, seeing the weapon, Nadsar startled to an immediate stop.

Eyes locked. The eta boy sunk back. His face washed pale.

Horus leveled the taeson squarely. Nadsar shook and his knees began to buckle. Then, surprisingly, his face flushed with pain and anger. He lunged for Horus.

The taeson fired. A silent flash of green enveloped the passageway.

Nadsar spun in time to see a shadowed woman collapse. Her face-mask cracked as she hit the stone floor and a taeson bounced from her hand. Blood spread from beneath the Enforcer.

Nadsar spun back to Horus. The male, perhaps a few years his senior, lowered his weapon. Nadsar tried to speak but no words would come out.

“The people you think are your friends have betrayed you,” said Horus with clear careful urgency. “Trust me if you want to live.”


3. Nadsar

January 19, 2007

The mag-trolley slid into the main station at the Acropolis. Nadsar spilled out with the crush of other passengers and scurried up to the even more intensely peopled promenades at the Pedestrian Level.

He felt he was drowning in a rough sea of bodies. Dark waves weighed upon him, closing in to suffocate and drag him into the deadly embrace of Enforcers. He could not pick out the assassins in the crowd but he feared they were there nevertheless…ready to descend on him.

Nadsar felt his face swelling from the bruises and cuts the Enforcers had given him. His labored hands hurt, too. The knuckles purpled, knotted and inflamed. He hadn’t soaked and wrapped them in days.

He must be quite a sight, he realized. Surely, the fourteen-year old in soiled worker’s garb stood out amongst the surrounding pedestrians, coiffed and fancied in their Temple-best. Nadsar understood that people see only what they wish to see. Were he female and so obviously abused, he doubted he’d be as invisible.

The indignity and discomfort was useful, Nadsar told himself. He channeled it into his anger. He let it fuel his determination. There was no turning back and too many people needed him to succeed. Nadsar knew that to survive the day only one course of action remained to him.

By providence, the pedestrian traffic’s current carried Nadsar through an expansive atrium. He’d arrived at the Acropolian Thermae.

His thoughts raced: he’d bath in its regenerative ancient springs. He’d clean his wounds. He’d transform into a more presentable emissary for the path he’d set upon. He’d make an offering to his Guardian Ancestors and pray the Goddess’ favor.

A line of Omni-Net obelisks guarded the Thermae’s grand entranceway. With the pai he’d pickpocket on the mag-trolley earlier, Nadsar. Hacked the obelisk’s access port. In moments the kiosk flickered with a familiar face. It was, however, not the face he’d hoped to greet.

“You must let me speak to the Consul,” demanded Nadsar. “He must help me!”

The well-manicured official on the viewer leaned forward, distorting the image.

Consul etaSade is occupied in Parliamentary. I have brought your situation to his attention as I promised. He’s instructed me to act on his behalf,” the aide answered in a calm reassuring and personable manner, speaking over Nadsar’s frequent attempts to interrupt. “Frankly, when I told him what you had to say he was appalled. He wanted me to assure you that he personally will see that the people responsible are dealt with.”

Nadsar felt his stomach uncoil. Hope flushed through him, quieting every pain and surprising him that he could still aspire to the feeling. Every suppress emotion erupted in a breath.

“My mother…they won’t allow her to go to the hospital,” he choked out between gasps for air. “The treatments…no good…They know we’re talked! They’re after me!”

“Try to stay calm, Nadsar,” interrupted the image. “I’ve got your coordinates and help will be there shortly. Stay where you are, understand.”

Nadsar managed an affirming nod and the kiosk blinked to dark.

Nadsar nearly fell backwards, e exhilarated that his ordeal was close to an end. His provincial matriarch’s faith in her honored Consul was well placed after all and her faith true to the assurance that etaSade would guarantee the well-being of his fellow clans people.

If only he had the weapons and the means, thought Nadsar, he would restore his clan’s honor by his own hand.

A curious beating of the air broke through the dark murderous thoughts swirling the boy’s mind. Aircycles whirl-hummed overhead. A Long fingered shadow spread across Nadsar drawing his gaze skyward.

Spellbound, he watched massive black-feathered wings fan against the curve of the gaseous giant Gaia and swoop across the sky, escorted by two Templar on aircycles. They disappeared behind the silhouette of the Parliamentary, on the far side of the great colonnade that ran the Acropolis.

Nadsar had heard of the mysterious arrival of the Dark Angel. He never dreamt he would actually glimpse Divinity. Court-at-Columbia whispered of ill-omens brought by the outcast of the Celestial Collective. Faith had not made clear the reason for the excommunication. Many speculated retribution from Heaven for His presence on Aideena, or worst, damnation passed onto their descendents for some unknown transgression.

As the Dark Angel’s shadow passed over Nadsar, he too hoped that some poor providence would not befall him as well.

Nadsar scanned the crowd. Pedestrians signed themselves and called to their ancestors for protection. Others just stood and stared blankly.

Suddenly, Nadsar was startled to see a figure, out of place amongst the flow of traffic passing through the atrium en mass to the colonnade. It moved against the crowd. He spotted a second one. Then, a third advanced.

His slender frame shuddered.

Was this the help he had been promised?

The figures moved easily but decisively to encircle him while not alarming the crowd.

Something in the back of his mind told Nadsar they were not his rescuers. Their dress and manner signaled to him that they were Enforcers.


Once Upon a Troubled Planet, continued…

January 13, 2007

BOOK ONE of our blog-story serial Faithful continues with the chapter entry “The Agreement.”

It is some time after the day that all of Creation shuddered, when The Archangel was cast down to Aideena. The entity has been sequestered by the theocratic Faith. We meet our protagonists Michael Constantine and Paul Sebastian and a deal is struck in good faith (no pun intended. Really!) that I suspect will be tough to live up to.

My Universe Keeps Expanding and Expanding…

January 13, 2007

I have been asking other bloggers and web-acrats whose sites I admire (and in some case rely on my sanity) for permission to link to them. Wha-du-ya-know! A few have graciously agreed! I am very grateful and honored. I’ve said previously that I am new at this and teaching myself technically and entrepreneurially how to get voice to the character I’ve held close for so long. It’s gratify that others are willing to give me opportunity to success and stumble by linking to them.

On the sidebar here (as well as the imaginedworld.us studio site) you will find the start of a links list. With time I hope they will grow. I am addicted to web-surfing and I love to discover new destinations. Asking to add a link to sites also permits me to let those content-owners know I appreciate all the time and effort they’ve put in. Who knew, they are also nice people! Please, check them out!

Stefan Ingstrand, Sweden’s answer to Indiana Jones, publishes Science Fiction Stories. It is a website of his own writing and served as one of my biggest sources of encouragement to try online self-publishing myself. At the moment, there are two series and a small collection of self-contained stories to choose from.

The award-winning Planet Magazine provides safe harbor for short science fiction and fantasy by emerging writers and illustrators—something I can identify with. The groundbreaking electronic zine has been encouraging its own brand of fun “online and in color” since March 1993, and its totally free! Yes, indeed, the Dark Gods are laughing…and having a good read!

Rowan Dai and his writing partner are writing a fantasy novel online. They are taking their collaboration from first draft to finished product right before your eyes. Along the way A Novel Idea shares great insight into the writing process with warmth and intelligence.

Eric and his friends at MyBlogLog want bloggers to become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. To eee what else they’re reading. To check out their MySpace and Friendster profiles and view their Flickr photostreams.

MyBlogLog is a communities service to empower authors and readers to operate at the same level. Everyone who reads a web site or blog can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level. MyBlogLog enables you to take advantage of your existing presence on the Web and ties it into communities of like-minded readers and authors to add context to the conversations in which you take part.

Doug Chiang led George Lucas’ team of illustrators and conceptional artists on the Star Wars prequel films. Look at the droid army in Phantom Menace and you’ll see his signature design. Doug’s award-winning “Robota” imagines worlds where exotic creatures and robots co-exist with humans.

The Sci-fi Portal organizing a vast directory of science fiction and fantasy web links into a near comprehensive collection.

Scifi Chrome keeps up with what’s new in scifi and anime and it is a great place to show your fan-based site to the scifi community.

If you would like me to add a link to your blog or site, drop me an email.

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