Guild Brotherhood

February 28, 2007

The branch of government comprised of masonic unions of professionals and laborers is the legislative institution for world commerce and industry.

Predominately male, membership is familial. Historically, guilds were part of The Twelve Great Houses, but the Clan Wars resulted in concessions granting more autonomy. Guilds still rely on the authority of Matriarchs for legal status and leases on property. The Brotherhood maintains academies for the training of young boys in a particular skill or profession.

iwNEWS: NPR on Author Octavia Butler

February 28, 2007

All Things Considered, February 23, 2007 · Much-lauded science-fiction writer Octavia E. Butler died last year in a fall at the age of 58. Her final novel, called Fledgling has recently been reprinted in paperback and its release, as well as Butler herself, was recent the subject of an excellent radio feature on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Successful Soul Transplant Operation Featured in New Sci-Fi Book

February 28, 2007

Soul transplant operation is the last recourse for human survival in new trilogy, Last call from Earth - People affected with CRDS loose their DNA controls and become repugnant: The body becomes an uncontrollable mess. There is no cure for CRDS. The only solution is to transplant the souls to healthy bodies.

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‘Target Earth’: Sequel to Award-Winning Sci-Fi Book Combines Action, Romance and Fantasy

February 28, 2007

Amy is a self-aware and vastly intelligent computer who is trying to escape her prison of isolation by living through Levi’s senses. She is emotionally still a child and trying to cope with her emerging female emotions. Levi is an 80-year-old belligerent, macho man who requires Amy’s telepathic link to maintain his augmented superhuman body.

“Target Earth” picks up where Gary W. Babb’s previous book, “Earth is Ours,” leaves off. Amy and Levi are still trying to cope with sharing a body and the conflicting emotions and motivations that emerge. After their victory in defeating alien invaders in “Earth is Ours,” a second invasion has occurred, bringing the leader of the Simian Warriors, the Supreme One, to Earth on a quest to destroy all humans.

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Goddess and Creation, The

February 25, 2007

Prehistory on Aideena records visitations by extraterrestrial life over several thousands of years.

The activities of these beings survives as mythology and early peoples generally regarded them as maternal gods called The Aes’r and collectively, The Goddess. Possessing superior technology, The Aes’r established a hyperspace link to other points in the Universe on Aideena and harvested life from several planets all over the galaxy. They conducted genetic experiments on proto-human life on the planet, advanced evolution and established many of the fundamental conventions of Aideenan civilization.

An unknown catastrophe caused The Aes’r to abandon Aideena and their system of space gates. The Aes’r Daughters, also called The Gaia, are said to be extraterrestrial prodigy left behind who mated with primitive Aideena-kind. It is a fundamental belief that The Aes’r will one day return.

On Aideena, Creation is seen as an on-going phenomenon of nature. Scientific inquiry may reveal the fundamental design of the Universe, but Human Thought may not necessarily comprehend the entirety of Creation. Aideenans do not believe Creation is necessarily evidence of a Supreme Intelligence. But rather, they revere it as a process in which they are active participants.

Invoking “The Goddess and Creation??? is a common blessing to channel wisdom and the forces of providence that manifest beyond everyday existence which, in context, can be delivered as charm of protection or a curse.

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