Faith rushes Templar peacekeepers to embattled eta guilds in the south

August 13, 2007

[begin transmission]

Faith has relocated its Garrison-at-Fields-of-Jigo and stepped up its offensive against anti-eta combatants attacking guild interests in the south, sending hundreds of additional Knights Templar to the province of Ulsu, where fighting in recent days left at least 25 apprenticed to Guild Textilus Group dead.

A similar number of militants from the anti-eta linked Llyr and Moro Dothn Kindred were killed in two fierce gunbattles after an ambush on a Guild Textilus Group supply convoy on Jolo Island, in the same province.

Apostolic Prefect alphaArroyo Ruth Helena ordered the relocation of the Fields-of-Jigo Templar base to Boanga, a city in near Ulsu. The cardinal tribuni and several senior primus have been dispatched there to coordinate what is being described as a massive military operation against the combatants. Disgruntled familial gangs, who have taken to violent protest against Guild Brotherhood and House eta operations seen as complicit in the etaSade scandal, have paralyzed the region.

Two battalions will be pulled out from the central and northern Arcadia, where they have been fighting Kindred criminal guerrillas, and deployed to Ulsu, said a Faithful Templar spokesman.

[end transmission]

Profile: The Archangel

August 12, 2007


The voices in His head chimed like an unbroken chorus of song.

He was aware of not only His immediate surroundings, but also of being many different places at the same moment, across several different continuums, and across space and time. When he looked across the landscape, He did not see the expansive primitive grasslands or the brilliant gaseous giant that hung in the sky. He saw complex carbon compounds, amino acids, charged electrons and energy-matter convergence.

He saw the evolving mathematical precision of Creation.

He was certainly conscious of the struggling primate cub a short distance away. He heard its wailing in the tall reeds of grass.

It did not interest Him.

He was certainly aware of the group of primates foraging for food along a nearby ridge and the cub’s mother panicked at discovering her missing son.

It did not interest Him.

He knew the proto-humans would be moving on soon. They had to. They would extend their search for the cub as long as they could, but the survival of the group depended on finding subsistence and shelter and avoiding predators.

The life of a single cub was not as important as the life of the entire group.

Then, inexplicably, out of some distant sensibility, He turned. He took the cub in his arms and gazed into its bewildered eyes. He showed it the world, the landscape, the ridge where the other primates were and its relationship to them. He set the cub down and watched it scurry in the direction of its fellow proto-humans.

The voices in His head momentarily, ever so slightly, paused.


August 12, 2007

In Aideena society, the female gender is revered.

Procreation is viewed as the divine gift of The Goddess and as a mirror of Creation–the stars, galaxy and natural world as sparked into being from the Big Band and forward. Women are entrusted with the perpetuation of the species. Therefore, women deserve a higher position in the grand order of the Universe.

Because of this ethic, Aideena society evolved into a matriarchy. Only women can own real estate. Wealth, title and position are passed from mother to daughter. Over time, economic and political pressures have forced more equitable adaptations between the sexes. Still,basic cultural norms favor the feminine.


August 12, 2007

The Templar standard-issue weapon uses legally-sanctioned technology called pulson and fires highly dense kinetic energy pulses. It is commonly referred to as The Peacekeeper, manufactured as a sidearm, a rifle, and a cannon. The Peacekeeper’s various settings are capable of rendering unconsciousness, disrupting electrical fields, bursting organs, or shattering solid matter. Pulson technology is proprietary to Faith.

Eta electorate refuse to unseat Matriarch

August 12, 2007

[begin transmission]

House eta Electorate of Governesses has unanimously vetoed a summons for a Vote of No Confidence by lower households, effectively affirming the sovereignty of the Matriarch. The act assures that the Matriarch will not be forced to abdicate following revelations of corruption, murder and criminal misconduct involving the First Husband, senior House eta authorities and Guilds under their influence.

The Matriarch continues to deny any knowledge or direct involvement in First Husband Edmund etaSade’s alleged role in the illegal human labor trafficking conspiracy that has rocked Aideena. The Parliamentary investigation ordered by Faith has yet to uncover evidence contradicting the Matriarch’s position.

The lack of evidence has not healed the division the scandal has caused between lower and higher eta Households. Nor has it shielded the Matriarch from severe criticism by the other Great Houses, most vocally House omega and House rho.

Lower eta households, whose poorer clans were largely the victims of the conspiracy, hold that abdication by the Matriarch is necessary to diffuse tribal retaliation, or Sh’Karee, and further harm to the reputation of House eta. In the wake of the conspiracy’s disclosure, anti-eta sentiment was fueled street violence and vandalism toward House eta property and Guild operations in several eta domains.

The Electorate’s veto is widely condemned by lower household matriarchs as indicative of the Matriarch’s failing to assume responsibility for her court’s conduct and a further conspiracy to protect wealthier matrons and their families likely complicit in etaSade’s crimes.

[end transmission]

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