Faithful Book One

December 12, 2007

CHAPTER ONE/PROLOGUE: The day all of Creation shuttered…

“Hear us! We transcend the corporeal. Prepare for our coming,” some other voice heralded through Angela.

The Well of Souls fell silent. The great temple trembled.

The sky over Court-at-Columbia grew dark and stormy, blotting out the mother planet Gaia. The clouds frenzied into a fearsome hurricane angered with thunderous lightening. From the eye of the storm, Heaven vomited.

Transformed and torpid, He tumbled earthward.

CHAPTER TWO: The Agreement

The air snapped suddenly.

A startling ghostly pressure swept through the three Templar and out in the all directions. Enormous black feathered wings swept on either side of them and spread apart like a great hand with long flat fingers. A massive muscled frame dwarfed the men.

“We are prepared,” came a deep reverberating voice. “We have been promised an audience at your government in exchange for Our cooperation.” [read]


Nadsar felt his stomach uncoil. Hope flushed through him, quieting every pain and surprising him that he could still aspire to the feeling. Every suppress emotion erupted in a breath.

“My mother…they won’t allow her to go to the hospital,” he choked out between gasps for air. “The treatments…no good…They know we’re talked! They’re after me!” [read]


Horus knew within himself was the capacity to be a good person. He knew he could do justice to the House of omega and the del clans. He knew he could win the love of family and a just woman — or man. But no, not this day, and not with the duty he had been commanded to perform. [read]


Certain she had made an error, Rachel Angela performed the reading over again. And again and again.

She watched the algorithms arrange themselves on the virtual display. Each time they aligned into a distinct unmistakable pattern. The pattern formulated an inescapable conclusion. An improbable conclusion. [read]


Horus nodded sadly, “He keeps repeating sh’karee.”

“Then, give him what he wants,??? said Daria. “See to it that the boy finds his way inside The Parliamentary. Make sure he is armed.”

The young male stifled a gasp. “You’ll be sending an innocent to his death,” Horus reproached her. [read]


The Archangel reared up its head suddenly.

As if struck by a new and unexpected awareness, He looked over his shoulder at Paul Sebastian. The Divinity’s gaze pierced the Templar in a way that made xiDuang feel rudely exposed. Inexplicably he sensed the meta-terrestrial knew his thoughts in that very moment: his frustration with his current assignment and his contempt for the meta-terrestrial and Michael Constantine. [read]

CHAPTER EIGHT: Constantine

Paul Sebastian added, rather too quickly, “The Divinity’s presence here endangers The Parliamentary and the peace. The last thing we want is to panic a crowd this large. We should return to base before His presence’s discovered and we really have a situation.”

Constantine whispered delicately, “I’m not sure we can move Him now without someone noticing—especially with the increased media trained on the building.”

Paul Sebastian bristled. “I knew this was a bad idea,” he exhaled. [read]


Seneca stared across the colonnade of the Acropolis at the thousands who gathered in answer to her call. She surveyed the camp of journalists hungrily working the spectacle. She took in the Templar policing the swarm.

She succeeded in galvanizing world attention on her fast on the steps of The Parliamentary and the vote inside to enact labor rights reforms. Instead of feeling triumphant, Seneca felt terror. [read]

CHAPER TEN: The Parliamentary

“Divinity, what is the alarm?” asked Michael Constantine. “Please, let us get you away from all these people.”

The Archangel shook, as awakening from a peculiar daydream. Seeing Constantine and Sebastian, His brightly glowing grey eyes suddenly registered recognition and His demeanor transformed before them. The press of people surrounding them seemed to startle and unnerve the meta-terrestrial.

“My Faithful, someone here is intent on murder,” He said. [read]


Valentine’s avatar modulated unsatisfied, “You talk of protecting the credibility of Faith, Cardinal Mother. Do we honor our covenant with the Houses and the Guild or do we tempt embarrassment?”

“Brother,” she answered, not hiding her empathetic frustration. “I can not believe our Guardian Ancestors would have us choose either path.???

Paul Sebastian railed silently. [read]


“Step aside,” ordered xi Duang.

For a moment, the Privates remained defiant, but then their armor quickly gave way and they broke formation.

Sebastian spied Nadsar shutter relief and then a sly exchange of looks among eta closest to the boy. In a breath’s exhalation, the pronaos rang with a distinct pwa-toosh.

The air reeked suddenly of burnt flesh. [read]


His brush with morality quickly circulated the chamber.

The Guild Consul appraised unflattering stares on the faces of the other Parliamentarians. They studied him with more righteous indignation than concern for a colleague and alarm that the security of world government had been breached. [read]


In his periphery, Constantine caught black wings stretch out. He felt a force, some invisible immense pressure, sweep from behind him and pass through his body and outward. In the same moment, the volley of weapons’ fire ruptured in an explosive dance against a transparent wall, coming within arms length of tauValez, close enough to startle him backward. The air perceivably warbled. [read]


The traversal rocked violently.

The seat beneath the Consul jolted several times. His bones rattled and the hairs on his body stood on-end as the cabin filled with static electricity. Warning alarms suddenly bellowed, emergency lighting toggled to life and the space climber stalled.

“Someone’s out there–outside!” [read]


The Archangel bore down on them from the shadowed upper landing, His towering winged figure silhouetted and threatening against the chamber’s Gaia-saturated light. The grey electric glow of His eyes leveled the omega matriarch with an imperious look that would be too contemptible of an Aideenan male to attempt upon a woman.

It excited Seneca. She suspected the alien knew that. [read]


“Pleasure me,” she instructed Horus.

This he labored with mechanical uninspired obedience.

When done, as her affiance uneasily slept, Daria turned into herself, as only a woman could. She journeyed to that place beyond physical awareness, where women may stand outside of nature. [read]