Destination: Afterworld

February 3, 2008

afterworld is a fully immersive sci fi seriesPerhaps the future of storytelling–personal, web delivered, mixed media–may be hinted in the slick and imaginative AFTERWORLD.

Afterworld is a fully immersive sci-fi series. A new kind of computer-animated entertainment that blends video games, graphic novels and anime into one dynamic experience.

Afterworld is about life on Earth after an inexplicable global event renders technology useless and more than 99.9% of the population missing.

The story follows the adventures of Russell Shoemaker, who wakes up in New York after this event and is compelled to walk to Seattle in the faint hope that his wife and child have survived.

Russell’s own harrowing journey, from technological dependence to total self-reliance, mirrors the world he discovers along the way, where other survivors are rebuilding society in strange and surprising ways. Piecing together the complex mystery of what caused the global event, Russell eventually paves the way for the bold new future of mankind.

One of the top science fiction podcast sites has now started to offer free SF audio fiction

February 1, 2008

StarShipSofa imagined on imaginedworlds.usThe StarShipSofa podcast, who have been going since July 2006, decided to offer the very best of audio science fiction short stories as part of it’s continual growth.

A host of SF writers have offered to let the StarShipSofa narrate their works. Writers who have already donated their work include Ian Watson, Pat Cadigan, Harry Harrison, Joe Haldeman, Joan D Vinge, Norman Spinrad, Ian MacDonald, J D Nordley, Bruce Sterling, Gweneth Jones, Alastair Reynolds, Jerry Pournelle, Landon Jones, John Varley, Pat Murphy, John Kessel, Laurel Winter, Jeff Vandermeer, Kevin J Anderson, Bradley Denton and Matthew Hughes.

Tony C Smith host of the StarShipSofa podcast explains that all the authors kindly donated their work to be narrated for free as long as there was no money to be made. Tony Smith says, “I wanted to start getting great stories out there for free and thought the best way to do that was to contact the writers directly. All have been happy to donate works to the StarShipSofa as long as we make no money from this venture. That is exactly what we are doing.”

He goes on to say, “We have just narrated the 1985 Hugo Short Story winner The Crystal Spheres by David Brin.

We have also put out audio stories by Michael Moorcock: London Bone, Through The Shaving Mirror, A Slow Saturday Night At The Surrealist Sporting Club, and The Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel. We have also just released a Peter Watts story called The Second Coming Of Jasmine Fitzgerald. You can find all these free stories in the new Sofa Audio part of the site

Along with the audio fiction shows which go out on a Wednesday, StarShipSofa puts out a regular show each weekend - where it delves deep into a SF writer’s life and works. Some of the shows include Philip K Dick, Iain M Banks, who is in the news of late with his new SF novel Matter, also James Tiptree Jr and last week L Sprague De Camp. The podcast is now up to show 75 and going from strength to strength, especially with the inclusion of the weekly free audio.

It is a fine time to be a lover of SF especially when sites like StarShipSofa are putting out great works for free.

You can subscribe free to StarShipSofa via their RSS feed at, which will allow you to never miss a free show.

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