December 12, 2006

The commercial and economic center of Aideena, the mega-metropolis covers a series of mountainous limestone islands in the Acropolitan Bay.

It is peppered with giant stone pinnacles, natural formations that have been industrially developed over three thousand. Modern urban habitats mesh with the ruins of several older fortifications build into and around monstrous caves and spectacular cliffs.

Many competing architectural approachs over the centuries have sought to leave their mark on Court-at-Columbia. The current city layout consists of multiple levels. A network of bridges, roadways, rail, trolleys, and garages comprise Traffic, or Transit, Level. A series of promenades, parks, public squares and pavilions comprise the Pedestrian Level. And Community Level is made up of residential and commercial structures.

The city shelters 35 million people, the central government of Aideena, and most major industries. Numerous distinct neighborhoods, districts, and mini-cities within Court-at-Columbia, from the upscale to ghettos, make for a melting pot of the varied cultures and traditions representative of Aideena.


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