Education and Gender

January 12, 2007

The educational system of Aideena reinforces gender-identity and sexual identity.

Boys and girls are raised together by their mothers or professional governesses until a certain age. Depending on the custom of the House and its matriarchic politics, children are separated by gender as young as six and or as old as ten and boarded off to learning and socializing academies. They may receive religious training by Faith at any number of Temples. Secularly, girls are sent to Maiden Sororities or Maidenries, while their brothers are enrolled at Academic Fraternities maintained by the Guild Brotherhood.

At Maidenries, girls are schooled for political and matriarchal careers. Fraternities are places where boys are educated in a particular professional vocation and/or labor skill. Within fraternities and sororities, adolescents are educated in their sexual responsibilities and encouraged to form groups for the practice of these responsibilities. These relationships are viewed as significant for the development of strategic political and familial liaisons later in life.


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