February 1, 2007

Faith is the theocratic and the most dominant branch of government on Aideena. It role in Aideena’s politics is to provide a neutral, unbiased voice, independent of familial ties and lineage.

A religious institution whose origins date back to the Time of the Aes’ir Daughters, Faith is founded on the belief that Humankind has a divine manifest destiny and its priesthoods are intended to ensure Humanity’s deliverance.

To this end, Faith not only provides for the spiritual welfare of Aideenans, but also maintains the world bank, a public education system based on indenture, a public court and legal system, and its own army (the Knights Templar) for civil defense. Faith consists of several Orders with the Seraphim, its governing body.

Its members are called Faithful and subscribe to Disciplines based on the scriptural teachings of the twelve original founders: Paul, Michael, Mathew, John, Luke, Peter, James, Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Judith, and Rachel.

Faith maintains numerous temples dedicated to its various religious and public concerns. Every city in every province has a temple or shrine. Some locations are more sacred than others. Faith is the only institution in which men and women are considered equal—though more according to canon than practice.


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