Goddess and Creation, The

February 25, 2007

Prehistory on Aideena records visitations by extraterrestrial life over several thousands of years.

The activities of these beings survives as mythology and early peoples generally regarded them as maternal gods called The Aes’r and collectively, The Goddess. Possessing superior technology, The Aes’r established a hyperspace link to other points in the Universe on Aideena and harvested life from several planets all over the galaxy. They conducted genetic experiments on proto-human life on the planet, advanced evolution and established many of the fundamental conventions of Aideenan civilization.

An unknown catastrophe caused The Aes’r to abandon Aideena and their system of space gates. The Aes’r Daughters, also called The Gaia, are said to be extraterrestrial prodigy left behind who mated with primitive Aideena-kind. It is a fundamental belief that The Aes’r will one day return.

On Aideena, Creation is seen as an on-going phenomenon of nature. Scientific inquiry may reveal the fundamental design of the Universe, but Human Thought may not necessarily comprehend the entirety of Creation. Aideenans do not believe Creation is necessarily evidence of a Supreme Intelligence. But rather, they revere it as a process in which they are active participants.

Invoking “The Goddess and Creation??? is a common blessing to channel wisdom and the forces of providence that manifest beyond everyday existence which, in context, can be delivered as charm of protection or a curse.


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