March 12, 2007

An archaic term, it means both damned and outcast.

Juda-Hon applies to a clan of the zeta who betrayed the House during the Clan Wars. The crime was so heinous and lead to such bloodshed that, after they were put down by the Knights Templar, The Twelve Great Houses excommunicated the clan and their descendants forever.

Juda-Hon have no rights to land or property and no protection under law. Members can not marry legally outside their own group. For hundreds of years they have wandered from place to place, forbidden to set down roots. Their numbers saturate the ghettos of many cities.

The Houses do not recognize them as human beings. Faith permits prayer but not communion. The Guilds use Juda-Hon for cheap labor, but they are forbidden from attending their academies. Recently, social reform movements have called for tolerance.


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