Naming Conventions

May 12, 2007

Gender and genealogy are central to the Aideenan character. It is most evident in the conventions used for personal names.

One’s name identifies both the House to which a person belongs, as well as the immediate family. Thus, it is possible to extrapolate the person’s loyalties, legal status and family hierarchy within the genealogical order. The combination of the House and family name may suggest the region or province a person originates from, but not always. The order of a person’s name also identifies whether they are male or female.

  • Males: First Name + House + Family Name
    as in Edmund etaSade
  • Females: House + Family Name + First Name
    as in betaLassier Elizabeth

Among the Faithful, naming conventions expand to include the person’s rank or title, as well as the Discipline to which he/she is a member and the Order.

  • Males: Rank/Title + Discipline + First Name + House + Family Name + Order
    as in Reverend Constable Michael Constantine tauValez of the Order of the Knights Templar
  • Females: Rank/Title + House + Family Name + Discipline + First Name + Order
    as in Reverend Sister psiSadewa Rachel Angela of the Order of The Oracle


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