Marriage and Sex

May 12, 2007

Marriage is viewed as a sacred institution. It is intended to fulfill the grand order of Universe: to perpetuate Creation.

As a matriarchal society, women are permitted by law (and expected) to have several husbands. By contrast, men are restricted to having only one wife at any given time. Extramarital affairs are punishable by imprisonment (for the man, not the woman).

Households are structured with a dominant female personage as its head called a matron. Such women maintain the female equivalent of harems, called Equerry or Stables. Equerries may comprise of as many men as manageable.

Husbands manage the personal affairs of their wives, while wives maneuver to increase their wealth and social standing through the accumulation of property and business associations. Within an Equerry or Stable, men vie for dominance. The first male to father a female-child becomes First Husband and senior amongst the husbands. Generally, men who father girls are more recognized in the larger community and receive advancement.

Arranged marriages are a common practice.

Generally, they are politically motivated. When a woman comes of age and has rank, mothers of families within her charge are expected to offer one son for consideration. Such a betrothed man is called an affiant and may later be officially welcomed into the household if he proves his merit. Sons who marry well not only increase opportunities for themselves, but also further the standing of their family within the clan-group.


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