Twelve Great Houses, The

July 12, 2007

A fundamental institution of Aideena, the Twelve Great Houses share governmental responsibility with Faith and the Guild Brotherhood.

Each House is named for one of the Aes’ir Daughters who supposedly mothered Humanity. These ancestral matriarchies are comprised of a collection of Clans, which are in turn a collection of Families.

A Matron governs each familial household. A Matriarch governs a collective of households. A Dame Matriarch heads a House.

Property and wealth are passed to daughters. Wealthy or poor, regardless of geography, which House and which family/clan within a House one belongs to is everything. It predetermines loyalty and obligation, and is the only source of division on Aideena , other than gender.

The Houses are the alpha, the beta, the eta, the iota, the kappa, the psi, the rho, the tau, the theta, the xi, the zeta, and the omega.


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