Profile: The Archangel

August 12, 2007


The voices in His head chimed like an unbroken chorus of song.

He was aware of not only His immediate surroundings, but also of being many different places at the same moment, across several different continuums, and across space and time. When he looked across the landscape, He did not see the expansive primitive grasslands or the brilliant gaseous giant that hung in the sky. He saw complex carbon compounds, amino acids, charged electrons and energy-matter convergence.

He saw the evolving mathematical precision of Creation.

He was certainly conscious of the struggling primate cub a short distance away. He heard its wailing in the tall reeds of grass.

It did not interest Him.

He was certainly aware of the group of primates foraging for food along a nearby ridge and the cub’s mother panicked at discovering her missing son.

It did not interest Him.

He knew the proto-humans would be moving on soon. They had to. They would extend their search for the cub as long as they could, but the survival of the group depended on finding subsistence and shelter and avoiding predators.

The life of a single cub was not as important as the life of the entire group.

Then, inexplicably, out of some distant sensibility, He turned. He took the cub in his arms and gazed into its bewildered eyes. He showed it the world, the landscape, the ridge where the other primates were and its relationship to them. He set the cub down and watched it scurry in the direction of its fellow proto-humans.

The voices in His head momentarily, ever so slightly, paused.


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