Welcome to imaginedworlds and cross the threshold into original weblog storytelling with a distinctive science fiction and fantasy voice.

imaginedworlds richardson

We begin with a serialized online story to be called Faithful. Set in an alternate reality, you are invited to witness this world evolve as the story progresses. It is a multi-dimensional experience blogged in prose, graphic designs, artwork and any other means that broaden its universe.

There are plenty of other story blogs, many much better executed than imaginedworlds. This excursion hopes to have some fun, to offer someone somewhere an entertaining distraction, and to create an outlet through which I might learn something meaningful about myself.

I have always had a passion for story writing. I try to find a satisfying way to commit the characters in my head to some creative form: film, comics, prose, stage. I have always sought to combine these different communication forms in new ways and leverage my varied interests in comics, illustration, theatre, graphic design, media production, concept design and computer arts. Alas, my effort are often frustrated by time, money, a demanding professional career, levels of interest and, most of all, ability. I have long been inspired by the abilities of others to realize flights of fancy. My heroes are too numerous to list. They include Doug Chiang, Chris Foss, Joss Weldon, Jim Lee, Michael Richardson, Roddenberry, Lucas, Asimov, and many more . I confess that I have never been schooled in any of the disciplines in which they are masters.

I’ve set about to teach myself by trial and error using the (VERY) limited talent I have. Imaginedworlds is my self-tutorial. I look forward to making many mistakes (and lots of crap!). I also look forward to seeing what I can accomplish, even if I am the only person who finds value. I’ve lived with a number of worlds in my imagination and if by exorcizing them online helps teach me a thing or two and helps me grow as a person, then it doesn’t matter what comes of it.

In the least, I hope I meet other like-minded people from whom I can learn something and share in their creativity. As much as I’m driven to tell my own stories and I certain hope this will lead me to entertainments created by others.