by richardson

Premise. Imagine a far-off world where humanity evolved differently. Gender biologically determines skin color and one's sex dictates status and a person's worth. All women, genetically born Black, enjoy dominant matriarchal favor, while all men, genetically Caucasian, endure lesser privilege. Imagine Aideena, the troubled moon-planet in a distant galaxy. Seething civil unrest strains the oppressive institutions and mystic traditions of a proud ancient people and a technological advanced civilization.

Suddenly, inexplicably, Heaven expels one of its archangels.

To Aideena's horror, the enigmatic outcast manifests itself as male--a Black male, winged, powerful and divine.

In fact, The Archangel is a meta-terrestrial, an other-dimensional intelligence from an alien realm, long deified as sacred, who only appears angelic to Aideena-kind. Wiped from its memory, the visitor is determined to discover the reason for its exile and purpose on Aideena.

The Archangel's arrival throws societal norms of power and gender identity forged over millennia into discord. Faith, the religious authority that shares power on Aideena, assigns its soldier-priests, the Knights Templar, to watch over the Divinity and prevent it from further disrupting Aideena’s contentious world-order.

Original Fiction


Delve deeper into the imagined world of Faithful through the evolving readers’ companion sections: Characters, Compendium and Glossary.

Here, learn about Aideena and its peoples, history, customs, conventions and the cast of characters on a collision course with otherworldly intrigue. The fate of the Universe may depend upon it.

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