Destination: Bangkok

June 17, 2007

I had the good fortune to visit Krung Thep Maha Nakhon—Bangkok to the rest of the world—for work when Thailand hosted APEC summit. I was impressed with the friendliness of its people and wealth of history and grand culture. The city had been swept clean for visiting dignitaries, so I know I was not privy to the true Bangkok. Still, it’s a spectacular place. The U.S. dollars goes far and it’s easy to imagine uprooting myself, emptying my bank account, and living there quite comfortably on half a years salary. That could easily sustain me for a couple of years in the Thai economy.

I had dinner one night at a fantastic restaurant that was dedicated to AIDS-HIV education. There was condom-art in nearly ever inch. It was an incredibly emotive experience, and gratifying to see the creative length one country had gone to combat and education its populace about this devastating disease. The food there was amazing! It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had, anywhere in the world.

To commemorate the visit, I worked from photos I had taken at the Grand Palace and created an illustration, which is available as a T-shirt, poster, mug, or postcard design on shopiw.


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